COVID-19 Resources

MedZon Health* is taking unprecedented measures to ensure that vital medical equipment and supplies are kept in stock and available whenever they are needed. Our purpose is to keep frontline and healthcare workers well equipped and safe while they care for others. Our medical supply company is accessible and available to assist at any time of day.

Note: Some product buttons are under construction. Pardon the inconvenience.

Anesthesia mask, berman airway, guedel airways, endotracheal tubes, laryngeal mask airways, stylets

Gowns, scrubs, coverall, boot covers, caps, disposable lab coats, 

Test kits, pulse oximeter, thermometers, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitor, lab supplies

Feeding bag, feeding tube, irrigation syringe, lava tube, bulb irrigation syringe, stomach tube, rectal tube

Chemo, nitrile, surgical, vinyl

Adult Wipes, Briefs Pads & Liners, Underpads

Face mask, face shield, N95 mask, PAPR Systems

Biomedical services & management

Needles & syringes, disinfect wound care supplies, incontinence supplies, disposable bedding, sharps container

Nebulizer Mask, oxygen mask, venturi mask, non-rebreathing mask, tracheostomy, oxygen tubing, breathing filter, ventilation systems

Prepping solution, sutures, sterilization wraps, face protection, towels

Nelaton catheter, silicone foley catheter, urine meter, urine bag