Medzon will Revolutionize Healthcare by bringing back customer service and quality, while advancing hospitals in Technology.


Guarantee a hospital will be a spearhead in technology to utilize for patients, improve quality, reduce cost and generate revenue.

Service Value

Medical Equipment Planning

Guarantee hospital procures the right equipment from the right Original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Taking into consideration the cost, longevity, ease of use for technicians / doctors, parts and services readily available for engineers, overall value and quality of system throughout the house.

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Medzon can take a failing hospital and change to profitable. Through review of current practices, we study each department and create an efficiency report. With implementation and training of new procedures within a year you can see the transformation to SUCCESS!

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Qualified Staffing

Onsite engineers providing service coverage 24×7, increasing uptime on equipment, preventing delays in patient care and treatments.

Management Involvement

Medzon is not a separate entity but a team player in the hospital as we join in committees, meetings, and future development ideas. Medzon is here to grow with the hospital and improve quality of care for its patients.

Technology Value

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are incorporated on medical equipment to help in predictive failures which allow Medzon to improve uptime on equipment. Medzon Innovation Team is always searching for state-of-the-art technology that can be implemented to make your site Technology Advanced.

Client Benefits

Medzon is committed to the partnership with your hospital to guarantee uptime commitment and ensure patient satisfaction. This illustrates Medzon’s dedication to ensure your hospital is a leader in all aspects of patient care.


Dr. Abdulrahman Alsaadi
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Alsaadi founded Medzon to bring his knowledge and passion to “Revolutionizing Healthcare”. His vision is to transform failing hospitals into successful profitable entities or taking current hospitals into the next generation through being fully digital (Smart Hospital). Dr. Alsaadi is a certified management consultant with over 10 years’ experience in Healthcare Technology, Product Development, Healthcare ICAT (information, communication, and automation technology), and Architecture Design. He has acquired his Master’s in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and has a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Healthcare Management. He brings to Medzon his skills in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through his studies at MIT and Business Analytics for Healthcare Delivery from Harvard.